Below are the graphic standards governing use of the SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® registered trademarks. The SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® registered trademarks includes the following marks (both word marks and logos): SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® or SurfLoch SurfPool®

The use of all marks must be uniform and consistent with respect to all applications.
SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® reserves the right to reject any usage, in its sole discretion, for non-compliance with these standards.

When using the SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® word marks:


SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® and SurfLoch SurfPool® are written as two words describing the Licensed Attraction.


It is permissible to use all capital letters (”SURFLOCH SURFPOOL®”)


If lower case letters are used, then, the “S” in Surf, the “L” in Loch, the “S” in the second Surf and the “P” in Pool, must be capitalized.

Place ® immediately to the right of the word mark whenever it is used in a prominent manner. The registered mark symbol “®” should be used whenever possible.

Correct: SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® or SurfLoch SurfPool®
Incorrect: Surf Loch Surf Pool or Surfloch Surfpool


In addition to or instead of using the ®, when the word mark is used within any given sign, document, publication, ad or text, the following indication should be used to indicate that the mark is a registered trademark of SurfLoch SurfPool®:


SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® or SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® should be used as an adjective only .It should not be used as a verb or a noun.

Correct: Come experience the SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® wave water ride.
Incorrect: SurfLoch SurfPooling is more fun than surfing.
Incorrect: SurfLoch SurfPools is amazing!


The SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® trademarks must only be used in association with its own source. It must not be combined with other trademarks in a manner that would make the source unclear or confusing. The following are examples of incorrect and correct usage:

Correct: Joe’s Water ParkTM featuring the SURFLOCH SURFPOOL® water ride.
Joe’s Water ParkTM featuring the SurfLoch SurfPool® sheet wave ride. (in different fonts)
Incorrect: Joe’s Water Park–SURFLOCH SURFPOOLS

Pantone 282
C: 100
M: 68
Y: 0
K: 54
R: 0
G: 45
B: 98
#: 02D62

C: 0
M: 0
Y: 0
K: 100
R: 0
G: 0
B: 0
#: 0000000

SurfLoch SurfPool® Logo


The logo must always include the appropriate registered trademark symbol (®) and must be legible.

The blades in the symbol must be transparent, allowing the background to show through.

SurfLoch SurfPool® Logo Alternate 2


The following alternate logo is acceptable for use.

All Surf Loch graphic standards must apply to the following alternate logo.

SurfLoch SurfPool® Logo Alternate 3


The following alternate logo is acceptable for use.

All Surf Loch graphic standards must apply to the following alternate logo.

We have specified a minimum of clear space to protect our logo and help it stand out with maximum impact.

The clear space should equal the height of the uppercase “S” in the SurfLoch SurfPool® logo when used by itself. This rule must be applied in all applications.

The minimum size requirement for the logo is 1.5” in length.

Whenever possible our logo should appear in
blue on a white background. For black and white applications, it may be reproduced in black or reversed out
white (on blue or black background).

If you’re placing the logo over an image,
choose the area where the logo will be most
prominent with neutral colors and less
distraction from other elements.

The logo must never be squashed, twisted, cropped, or distorted from its original ratios and boundaries.

Preferred Logo Requirements: The core logo has been

designed as the primary company logo. This preferred logo should be used whenever possible

There is only one SurfLoch SurfPool® logo and other logos or symbols should not be developed and used in its place.

Compliance is essential to maintain a true global brand. Keep in mind that the SurfLoch SurfPool® logo is a registered trademark.

The SurfLoch SurfPool® logo logo must never be altered in any way. Always use the SurfLoch SurfPool® logo electronic artwork that

has been provided.

Only use Attraction Images for promoting your venue’s business, on-site sponsorship directly related to the Attractions, and only those activities directly connected to the SurfLoch SurfPool® as used in day-to-day business. Please remember, you cannot allow SurfLoch SurfPool® Images to be used for any third party's unrelated and independent advertising, or for television/motion picture production,

without Surf Loch's prior written consent.

Surf Loch places great value on the SurfLoch SurfPool® trademarks (“Marks”), and the goodwill associated with the Mark. Accordingly, you agree to display the SurfLoch SurfPool® Mark on the structure of the Attraction, which Marks Purchaser shall maintain throughout

the life of the Attraction. 


You must advertise and promote the Attractions in compliance with all applicable laws, and shall at all times conduct activities related to the Attractions in a lawful manner.

Other than in combination with your own venue trademarks you cannot modify the SurfLoch SurfPool® Mark or use them as a
trade name, company name, trade style, or fictitious name. You must submit to Surf Loch for its prior written approval any new
uses of the Marks that do not follow the trademark usage guide set forth in this Brand Book.


You will not engage or become involved in any activities which would diminish or tarnish the image or reputation of the

Marks or of Surf Loch.

Surf Loch may, in its sole discretion, prohibit you from using the Marks on or in connection with the advertising or promotion of
any goods or services which fail to conform to the high quality standards prescribed by Surf Loch. Upon notification from Surf
Loch, you shall immediately discontinue its use of the Marks in connection with any such substandard goods or services.


All uses of the Marks, whether authorized or not, shall inure solely to the benefit of Surf Loch.

You agree to allow the marking of the Attraction with a patent notice in compliance with applicable patent marking requirements
or as Surf Loch shall otherwise specify from time-to-time.