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Tom Lochtefeld’s Mission to Create the World’s Best Wave Poolman-made-stoke

Today, surfing is literally everywhere – it’s become the ultimate aspirational lifestyle, possibly second only to Disney for global recognition.

People who have never set foot in the ocean are wearing Billabong, Hurley, Roxy and Quiksilver. In China. They are walking around in Rainbow flip-flops. In Nebraska. Squinting through Oakley sunglasses. In Egypt. Even your grandparents know who Kelly Slater is.

Midwesterners are surfing Lake Erie. There’s a magazine devoted to river surfing. The “Arctic Surfers” conducts surfing tours in the frigid waters, snow and ice of….. Iceland.  People are even surfing sand dunes (OK that’s more like snowboarding but you get the point).  And come 2020, it will be an official Olympic sport (in other words, if your home country wasn’t interested in surfing before, now they will be).

Surfing Is Everywhere

EXCEPT WHERE IT’S NOT. Which is a bummer. People want to surf, or even just learn HOW to surf so they can say they tried it once and buy the t-shirt. Plus it’s fun just to watch, and it’s a great group activity you can do with friends, including spectators-only. If you’re the competitive athletic type, it’s an addicting sport that you will spend the rest of your life perfecting.

But unless you live near a good sized body of water, or you and your friends can afford to travel to one, you’re out of luck.

So What is a Wanna-Be-Grom or future Surfing-Olympian-in-Nebraska to Do?

In this month’s edition of the classic Santa Cruz Waves magazine, writer Neal Kearney charts the course of the world’s most successful artificial wave pioneer, Tom Lochtefeld, in his journey to create the World’s Best (Artificial) Wave Pool.

And gives us insight into why he is the one most likely to do it.


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