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Company Overview

SURF LOCH is the pioneering surf technology powerhouse specializing in the design, development, and operation of wave riding attractions worldwide.

Surf Loch LLC has its roots in the 1980’s, when its founder, California surfer and real estate attorney Tom Lochtefeld began developing commercial real estate properties centered around water-based attractions. After developing and operating three water park properties, he turned his attention to his real passion: inventing wave technologies. Sheet wave technology was first up, and was debuted in 1991 by Mr. Lochtefeld’s company Wave Loch as the FlowRider® and FlowBarrel® sheet waves.  Today there over 200 all over the world. Next up for the inventor was Wave House®, opening its doors in 2001, as the public playground for Mr. Lochtefeld’s waves. Wave House® was the first commercially successful, stand-alone surfing lifestyle, entertainment, and restaurant business, and the centerpiece of each Wave House was Wave Loch’s sheet wave attractions. There are several currently operating and more under contract and development.

In Tom Lochtefeld’s never-ending pursuit to create the ultimate ride, he began researching new technology in 1997 that would make large-area surfing pools economically viable. After testing and discarding early inventions, then refining and modeling the most superior technology using the most advanced methods available and the best wave engineers in the world, Lochtefeld unveiled SurfPool® in 2014 and founded Surf Loch LLC. Using a pneumatic air control system with patented hardware, proprietary software, specially configured reefs, and exclusive beach design, the SurfLoch SurfPool® generates authentic surfing waves ranging from 2 ft – 10 ft on-demand, and delivers an economically viable and emotionally engaging entertainment attraction for participants and spectators alike.

The world’s most prized real estate overlooks the ocean, and within this valued sector, proximity to a high quality surfing destination has proven to create added value. The surfing lifestyle generates significant financial returns in the context of a real estate business development model. California’s surf culture is omnipresent in coastal towns around the globe, and while surf lingo is nearly as pervasive, surfing itself remains a coastal luxury…until now. Thanks to the SurfLoch SurfPool®, perfect waves are rolling inland toward large cities and small towns seeking the same kind of economic and social stimulus once reserved only for the coast.

With a SurfLoch SurfPool®, beach culture can now be imported and serve as an anchor attraction for mixed-use developments. Analogous to a ski or golf resort, the surf resort’s time has come. Surfing attracts an extremely loyal and valuable demographic that includes: youth, young adults, families, adventure travelers, and action sports enthusiasts. Once they’re hooked, they are a surfer for life. The best investments are those that span generations, and SurfLoch’s SurfPool® is built for life.

Our Mission

To share surfing’s aloha spirit by building thrilling surf attractions that everyone can enjoy. The Surf Loch surfing experience encourages an active and healthy lifestyle, promotes environmental awareness, and positively engages the body and mind in something that’s insanely fun!

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9747 Olson Drive
San Diego, CA 92121 USA

Surf Loch Founder & CEO Tom Lochtefeld

Tom-Lochtefeld-Version-5Tom Lochtefeld is the founder and CEO of Surf Loch, Wave Loch, and Wave House. He was one of the original developers of the Raging Waters water parks as well. He is the most successful “wave maker” in the world, with his wave attractions installed in over 200 installations in 35 countries. He is the inventor of the sheet wave attractions FlowRider® and FlowBarrel®, the Olympic destined SurfLoch SurfPool®, the global sport of Flowboarding®, and the Wave House® and Flow House® venues operating in 10 locations around the world with more under development. Mr. Lochtefeld has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, FORBES, Men’s Journal, Los Angeles Times, ESPN The Magazine, National Geographic, and many trade and local publications. His inventions have been featured in major motion pictures, music videos, TV shows, and MTV. He holds over 100 patents worldwide, and his inventions have set the bar and become the standard for all artificial waves. Learning to surf at “Big Rock” surf break in La Jolla, California, Mr. Lochtefeld spent the first years of his life riding in the tube at that famous surf break – and the rest of his life working to re-create that thrill and the lifestyle experience, and export it to the world.

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