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Learn-To-Surf Series

The SurfLoch Learn-To-Surf Series is an entry-level surfing attraction where guests can paddle to catch a real wave, then, stand-up and surf to the shore in a safe and controlled environment. It is the smallest footprint and lowest-priced option, targeted primarily towards those new to surfing. Learn-To-Surf is especially appealing to the waterpark, retail, and hospitality markets where space is a premium.

You can also check out the next level, Step-Up Series, or the Pro Series.


• Skill level: Beginners
• Smallest footprint
• Lowest cost
• Energy efficient


• Minimum Area Required: 500 square meters = 5,000 square feet
• Wave Height/Size: 1.1m = 3.6f
• Wave Type: Forgiving, fun, slow easy roller
• Wave Direction: Straight
• Riders per Wave: 1 – 2
• Surfing Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


LearnToSurf Aerial